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Milad un Nabi History In Islam English & Hindi

Eid Milad un-Nabi is celebrated by all the Muslims. This day gives the Muslims a hope that they are The Prophet’s Ummah. There are many incidents which were happened on that day. Everyone wants to know the Milad un Nabi history. All of us knows that what is Id Milad but we don’t know what happened on the day of Id Milad. In this article, I am writing a short note on Milad history.

Milad un Nabi history

“A Riwayat from Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) that one Jewish was living in Mecca. When the night came in, which The Prophet was born. The Jew said Jamiat quresh is there any baby born in you?. They said we don’t know. The jew said to find him because on this night The Prophet of this Ummah is born. So the quresh was gone and they discovered. Someone told them that a son is born in Abdullah Bin Abdul Matlib home. Then the jew reached for The Prophet’s mother with quresh. She (R.A) showed them The Prophet’s Holy face. When the jew saw the Prophecy mark he became unconscious and said, O jamiat quresh our government is finished from Bani Israel now you’ll get a great dominated. This news will be spread from Mashriq to Maghrib.”

Let’s read what was the another incident in Milad un Nabi History.

milad un nabi history

“A Riwayat from Hazrat Hasaan Bin Sabit (R.A). He said that I was seven or eight years old. I heard that in Madina a jew is screaming and saying, Oh my jews group! So after hearing that they spread around him. I also intend to hear his words. So they started saying him. What happens to you? He said Ahmed’s star has risen today. In rising time They (PBUH) has to be born.”

After compiling these Riwayat Allama Zarqani says:

Every particle of the universe was witnessed to Mohammad (SAW) birth.

Eid e Milad History In Hindi

 Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) se Riwayat he ke eik yahoodi Mecca me rehta tha. Jab woh raat ai jis me Nabi (SAW) paida howe. To is yahoodi ne kaha jamayat e quresh kia tum me koi bacha paida howa he? Inho ne kaha hame khabar nahi yahoodi ne kaha talaash kro. Kuke is raat is ummat ka Nabi jiske dono kandho ke darmiyan nishan-e-naboowat he, peda hogya he.

Quresh gae or daryaft kia ke in se kisi ne kaha ke Abdullah Bin Abdul Mutlib ke ghar beta paida howa he. Yahoodi apne garoh ke saath Mohammad (SAW) ki walida ke paas puhancha. Inho ne Nabi (SAW) ki ziyarat krwa di. Jab yahoodi ne nisha-e-naboowat dekha to sadme se gir gya. Or kaha ke jamayat quresh bani Israel se naboowat nikal gai he. Ab tumko bara he galba haasil hoga. Or inki khabar mashriq se maghrib tak phel jaegi.

→ Hazrat Hasaan Bin (R.A) se Riwayat he ke Ap ne farmaya. Meri umer 7 ya 8 saal thi. Mene suna ke Madina me ek yahoodi chilla kar keh raha he Ae groh yahood! To yahood iske paas jama hogae. Mene bhe inki qalam sunne ka faisla kr lia. Wo ise kehne lage tujhe kia howa? Isne kaha Ahmed ka sitara aj shab talloo kar chukka he, Jiske talloo ke waqt inki wiladat honi he.

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