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Ramadan Messages 2018 in English, Urdu for Whatsapp & Facebook

Ramadan Messages 2018 – As we all know well that Ramadan Mubarak is the month of Blessings for all Muslims even if we wish someone with good messages of Ramadan Mubarak so it will also be a good activity because we spread the happiness of the Holiest month.

So after posting so many articles I am going to post Ramadan Messages for you that you can use in the whole month of Ramadan and spread the happiness with each other. So without wasting much time lets directly come to the point.

Ramadan Messages in English

May the Ramadan bring you peace and prosperity, good health and wealth, and brighten your life forever.
Islam Does not dismiss descries rather it disciplines them. Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan messages 1

May Allah shower your path with light and knowledge? May this month be an enlightening celebration to all of us?. Ramadan messages
Indeed, Allah does not wrong the people at all. but it is the people who are wronging themselves. Ramadan Mubarak!

Happy Ramadan Mubarak Quotes

Happy Ramadan Mubarak Wishes

Happy Ramadan Mubarak greetings

Fasting is a shield with which a servant protects himself from the fire.
Be Embarrassed to sin in Public. Don’t be Shy to show your faith. Ramadan Mubarak!
As we celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, May Allah showers His blessings upon you and your family. Ramadan 2018 messages
Ramadan Kareem Mubarak May Allah Enables Us To Do More And More Good Deeds N To Make The Most Of thiis Month… May Allah Forgive R Sins Ameen Remember Me In Ur Prayers?
Allah knows what the best is for you and when it’s best for you to have it. Ramadan Mubarak!
When things are too hard to handle, retreat & count your blessings instead. Ramadan Mubarak!

You can see that these Ramadan Messages are in English. The Muslims of all countries understand English language so I posted the Ramadan Mubarak Messages in English. You can use them on Facebook and Whatsapp as your status. Ramadan comes with a lot of happiness so we’ll celebrate it with peace and love.

Ramadan Messages in Urdu

بے زبان کو جب وہ زبان دیتا ہے پڑھنے کو پھر وہ قرآن دیتا ہے بخشنے پر آئے جب وہ امت کے گناہوں کو تحفے میں گناہ گاروں کو “ رمضان“ دیتا ہے رمضان مبارک
پھر سے نکلے ہیں سب تلاشِ بندگی میں روزے دار بن کر یاروں دعا کرنا اس بار ہمیں رضا الہی مل جائے آمین رمضان مبارک
لوٹ لو رحمتیں٬ برکتیں٬ نور بخششیں٬ قبولیتیں٬ ثواب پوری کروا لیں مرادیں٬ منتیں آگیا رمضان آگیا رمضان آپ کو آپ کی فیملی کو بہت بہت رمضان کا چاند مبارک ہو

Ramadan Messages for Facebook

O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you. so that you may learn self restraint.
Born from different mothers skins of all colors come together as brothers. that’s the beauty of Islam. Ramadan 2018 messages

Ramadan messages 2

Faith is trusting god even when you don’t understand his plan. Ramadan Mubarak!
Every new breath that Allah allows you to take is not just a blessing but also a Responsibility. Ramadan Mubarak!
May the Allah shower his blessings on you during this Ramadan and always.
I Wish This Ramadan; You Are Gifted With Blessings Of Allah And Many Treasured Moments Of Joy! Ramadan Mubarak!
Allah is with those who preserve. Ramadan 2018 messages
Whoever Allah wishes to show goodness, he gives him understanding of the religion. Ramadan Mubarak
People of ALHAMDULILAH don’t have time to complain. Ramadan Mubarak!
Ramadan is a month of Allah Whose beginning is Mercy Whose middle is Forgiveness Whose end is Freedom from Fire.
May you always be in Allah swt’s loving hands. Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Messages for Whatsapp

May ALLAH bestowed you peace, serenity , tranquility and health in this holy month of Ramadan along with his blessing and bliss.
Prophet Said: “whoever stood for the Prayers a in The Night Of Qadr Out Of Sincere faith And Hoping For A Reward From Allah, then All His Previous Sins Will Be Forgiveness
May you always be blessed with the love and protection of Allah. Wish you a Happy Ramadan.
Being a Muslim is more than just going to the MASJID. ALLAH wants your Attention not your Attendance. Ramadan Mubarak
Dear Allah i pray that whoever read this message shall have your comfort, joy, peace, love and guidance. I may not know their troubles but you do. Please keep protecting us Ameen. Ramadan Mubarak!
Ramadan is, in its essence, a month of humanist spirituality. Ramadan 2018 messages
Ramadan is the month of blessings. Whose beginning is MERCY, Whose middle is FORGIVENESS, and whose end is CELEBRATION?
The World is not the resting place, it is the testing place. Ramadan Mubarak!
Preparing for Ramadan but for many of us the Quran has gathered a lot of dust since the last time we picked it up.
Ramadan is fast approaching we must blow of the dust and start to build a close relationship with Quran. Ramadan Mubarak!

I also posted some Ramadan Messages in Urdu and Hindi. Now it’ll be easy for you to wish your loved ones with good messages. Now everything is in front of you and you’ll must celebrate this month with happiness, love and peace.

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