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Simple Eid Milad un Nabi Essay For Students 2018

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Eid Milad un Nabi Essay

eid milad un nabi essay

Usually, in the month of Rabi ul Awal and especially on 12th Rabi ul Awwal the Muslims hold the Milad al Nabi ceremonies and celebrate the happiness of the Prophet (PBUH) birth.

It is permissible to celebrate Milad al Nabi and this is a sign of love for the Prophet (PBUH).

It is proven by Quran and Sunnah.

Milad al Nabi Mention is Quran’s Order

“And Remember them the days of Allah” (Ibrahim: 5)

In Abdullah Bin Abbas (R.A) point of view, the days of Allah are those days in which Allah has given a blessing.

‘’In these days, the days of great blessings are the days of Mohammad (SAW) birth and their remembrance is also mentioned in this Verse.’’

Without any doubt, Allah’s great blessing is the Holy caste of the Mohammad (SAW).

“Indeed, Allah has given great favor to the Muslims that from them one of them sent a Messenger of Allah”. (Al-Imran: 164)

The Prophet is a great blessing to whom Allah has ordered to please.

“Ae Habib! You say, Due to the grace of God and his mercy, they should be pleased and this happiness is better than everything they collect”. (Surah Yonas: 58)

The grace and blessing of Allah is the Prophet (PBUH). In Surah Ahzab (Ayat: 47) Mohammad (SAW) call as Grace and in Surah Anbia (Ayat: 107) Mohammad (SAW) call as Mercy.

“And discuss your Allah’s blessings”. (Surah Alzuha: 11)

The conclusion is that celebrating Milad al Nabi is to remember Allah’s days and also to discuss Allah’s great blessings. Also, celebrates Allah’s great blessings.If we read Surah Al-Imran’s Ayat: 81 we can see that Allah mentions Mohammad (SAW) in the company of 1 lakh 24 thousand Anbiya Qaram in this way,

“And remember when Allah took a covenant with the Prophets if I give you the book and the wisdom and then a Prophet (PBUH) came to you as my Messenger to confirm the books so you must believe in it and you must help Him”.

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