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Why Do We Celebrate Milad un Nabi?

There is a question in each person’s mind that is celebrating Mawlid allowed in Islam? And the second question is should we celebrate Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi? In this article, we will discuss that Why do we celebrate Milad un Nabi. Some Ulma says that we should celebrate Milad and some say we should not celebrate this day.

Why do we celebrate Milad un Nabi?

why we celebrate eid milad

Allah Almighty gives us many opportunities for happiness, and we enjoy every opportunity in a variety of ways.

For example, the happiness of the baby’s birth, happiness to get freedom. Some joys spread in the whole country.

But there was a joy on the earth that was special for all.

All the creatures celebrated this joy. In Islamic history all humans and angels never got such happiness before, nor will they get later.

So, what happiness, it can be??

That happiness was the arrival of The Prophet which we also call Eid Milad un-Nabi.

Let’s see why we celebrate Eid Milad.

Whenever the month of The Prophet’s birthday comes, the heart quality of a true Muslim is that their heart becomes anxious to celebrate happiness and it seems that all universe happiness is small for him. And the joy of Eid MiladunNabi is a real pleasure.

In fact, Muslims thinks on Eid Milad day that all the happiness of the universe has come to him.

What would more opportunity be to make this happier than that?

He does not even imagine any happiness in the universe beyond this joy.

The unbelievers also benefit from celebrating the Miladun Nabi

Hazrat Arwah says,

Sobia was the slave of Abu Lahab. The one whom he had released in the joy of The Prophet’s arrival. He also gave milk to the Prophet. After the death of Abu Lahab, Hazrat Abbas saw him in terrible condition in his dream and ask him what will happen to you after death? Abu Lahab said that apart from the people, he did not get relief except this I was forgiven because I released Sobia in the pleasure of coming to the Prophet.

Hafiz Shams Ud Deen says that the fall of Abu Lahab reduces on Monday because he released Sobia in the joy of Eid Milad.

Ibn-e-Jazri says,

Due to the celebration of the Miladun Nabi, the condition of a disbeliever like Abu Lahab that his punishment decreases.

So what will happen to Muslims? Who spends more than his power due to the love of the Prophet in the joy of the Eid Milad.

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